Using a New Approach to Oral Healthcare

Statistics show that millions of people around the country continue to be afraid of going to the dentist. They often harbor this fear because dentists commonly treat symptoms and specific dental ailments than underlying conditions that could be a factor in poor oral health.

When you want to get to the root of the problem that is causing you dental troubles, you might want to look beyond traditional dentistry. By opting for a periodontist, orthodontist, or holistic dentist chicago patients like you could uncover the underlying cause of your dental ailments and find a treatment that could prevent the problem entirely.

Holistic Care

A dentist who offers holistic care treats more than just the specific ailment or symptoms you are experiencing. This provider wants to understand what is causing the problem and then explore options to treat the root cause.

For example, someone with frequent cavities or abscesses might suffer from Type II diabetes. However, if the diabetes is left unaddressed, the dental problems will persist even with repeated treatments. Only when the diabetes is treated will the person’s oral health improve.

Likewise, someone with thinning enamel might suffer from chronic heartburn or acid reflux. The dentist can explore what is causing the reflux and then either refer the patient to another provider for treatment or prescribe medications that could treat the underlying ailment. Once the reflux or heartburn is treated, the person’s dental health could improve.

Sometimes the holistic care focuses less on the physical and more on the mental or emotional well-being of a patient. Fear of the dentist is a real phobia that exists in countless patients today. A holistic dentist will work to uncover the root of a person’s fear and then work with the patient to ease his or her worries. Over the course of a few weeks, the person may feel entirely at ease about going to the dentist for routine care or other treatments.

Holistic dentistry could be a better option for people with specific conditions that disrupt good oral health. The provider can explore options for improving a person’s dental and overall wellness.