The Importance of Caring for Your Dogs Teeth

According to, at, there are 6 out of 10 Americans who own a pet of some kind and 73 percent of people in America own a dog. Many people view their dogs as one of their own family members and or a best friend. A dog to many homes is what sometimes even keeps a family together in some cases. It is important to acknowledge the importance of caring for you dog as equal as you care for one of your own children. Pets are not able to effectively communicate how they are feeling, whether they feel sad, lonely, or sick. In many cases, people have to play a guessing game and try to decipher their body language when trying to understand what it is that their pet needs from them. It is important to have regular dental care for you dog in order to prevent unnecessary dental pain that you cannot detect.

There are many different dental diseases that your dog can experience that you may not be aware of. In fact, according to, at, about 85 percent of dogs over 4 years old have some type of gum disease. Dental care and regular checkups are critical for you dogs dental health. Sometimes your dog may be suffering from dental pain and you may never even notice it. Some signs and symptoms to look out for include change to how they eat, no appetite at all, waking up throughout the night, or rubbing their face with their paws. There are also many other signs that different dogs may do, that is why it is important that you keep a careful watch.

There are so many different dental diseases a dog can have, one common one is periodontal disease. This is a gum disease in dogs that are caused by plaque and inflamed gums. Just like humans, there are different stages to the gum disease that can occur that can even cause your dog to lose their teeth. However, there are so many things that can be done to prevent this from occurring to you dog. You can brush your dog’s teeth regularly, give your dog chew toys, provide your dog with chew treats with special enzymes to reduce tartar and lastly take your dog to the get regular checkups. You can search the web for: animal dental care Forest Hill MD. From here you should receive a list of qualified vets that can help you get your dog back on track and help you treat any gum disease that you may be suspicious of.

It is very important that we people Do everything that they can do to help their dogs. Dogs are like family too many. It is definitely unfortunate that dogs are not able to communicate and tell humans that they are suffering pain. Therefore, it is very important that as humans we take on that responsibility to help animals as much as possible. Pay very close attention to signs that your dog is giving out. Sometimes there may not be any signs and you may have to just keep up with regular check-ups to prevent any unexpected dental pain.