The Benefits of Ultrasounds in Medicine

If you are in Mesa AZ ultrasound is a great option for many medical imaging needs. An ultrasound can view the internal organs of a patient without ant incisions or dangerous radiation. While one of the most known uses is for women during pregnancy, it can also be used for many other needs that require diagnostic medical imaging. There are many benefits in using ultrasound imaging when possible as opposed to other methods with more risks and side effects.

The process of ultrasounds uses high frequency soundwaves to obtain the images of the internal organs of the body. Ultrasounds can be so sensitive that they can allow medical professionals to view the blood flow within vessels. This type of imaging can be performed with absolutely no adverse side effects to the human body.

When you receive an ultrasound, the process usually includes a display screen, computer, and a transducer probe. The transducer probe is the part of the machine that is used by the technician or doctor to perform the actual scan of the body. The transducer is held by the technician and placed against the part of the body that needs to be imaged. Before being used on the body, the technician will cover the affected area with a gel that helps the transducer glide more smoothly against the body and allows the sound waves to travel through the body directly. As the sound waves travel through the body, it reproduces the structures they meet on the screen. These ultrasound images are also known as sonograms. The images are returned immediately and allow the patient and medical technician view them in real time as opposed to having to wait for them to process.

Ultrasounds work in a similar way to the sonar that is used by submarines and bats. Since the sound is controlled and the speed of the sound waves are known, the echo of the ultrasound wave allows the scanner to not only calculate and display the distance between the tissue and the transducer but also shows the density, shape, and size. The transducer sends these high frequency and muted sound waves through the tissues of the body and echoes back from not only the organs and tissues but also the bodily fluids.

In obstetrics, ultrasounds are known to be invaluable tools for diagnostic treatment and to help guide procedures that require imaging. In non-obstetric related medicine, ultrasounds can be used to guide in the placement of catheters and other medical devices along with diagnostic imaging. Ultrasounds can be used to view tendons, joints, soft tissue, ligaments, muscles, and more in real time. This makes the imaging technique especially useful while trying to view the movement and function of different tissues and organs.

Ultrasounds are extremely versatile and can be used to diagnose many different problems. They can be used to easily identify things like cysts, infections, kidney stones, and gallstones without the use of radiation. The examinations generally take well less than an hour and can easily be done on an out-patient basis.