The Benefits of an Open MRI Scan

There are several fears associated with a standard MRI scan, from limited movement to feeling closed in. This is why many facilities are offering an open MRI scanner to their patients. The following benefits are good reasons to ask your physician about an open MRI scan.

Designed To Calm Your Mind

If you dislike small spaces, the open design is a better choice for you. Your body does not slide into a tunnel at all. It is open on both sides of your body to eliminate the feeling of being closed in. The open MRI machine gives you a peace of mind if you suffer from anxiety or claustrophobia.

Brings You Physical Comfort

The tunnel that comes with a traditional MRI restricts your movement. This means dealing with the discomfort throughout the procedure, and you may have to go through a second scan to get a better reading. The open design gives you more room to shift into a comfortable position. It even helps you to get into a position that makes it easier for your technician to scan the target area.

Connected with High-Quality Equipment

A technician uses high-quality equipment to monitor you during an open MRI scan. This includes a speaker system that allows them to speak to you throughout the procedure. Staying connected to your technician gives you reassurance that you are not alone. It is also a great option if you need additional supervision during a medical procedure.

The Machines Provide an Accurate Reading

Opting for an open MRI does not mean you have to sacrifice accuracy for comfort. There are many facilities that are using high-quality machines for your open MRI scan. The machine snaps clear pictures of the target area to give your physician an accurate reading. Your physician views the pictures on a computer shortly after the scan, so you do not have to wait days to receive your results.

If you prefer open spaces, physical comfort and quick results, be sure to talk to your physician about an open MRI machine for your next procedure.