The Art of Mastering Businesses


In the olden days, a market was defined as a place whereby sellers and buyers meet for the exchange of services and goods. There are two major types of markets depending on the quantity of good being sold, a retail market and a wholesale market.

However, in the modern world, the term market has a more broader meaning. It refers to the sets / collection of actual or potential buyers of a products & services.
Marketing is divided into two, the traditional marketing and digital marketing. this article aims at discussing the two methods in details.

when we talk about traditional marketing, it is all about running promotional campaigns as well as publicity and advertising that has succeeded over time.

in the past, marketing was defined as the flow of goods from their points of production to their points of consumption. However, this definition is majorly product oriented which makes it ,more biased. here the producer concentrate more on the product rather than on what the consumer wants.

Most methods of traditional techniques include billboards, advertisements as well as newspaper advertisments. The other kinds of traditional advertising include radio broadcast as well as television broadcast advertising.

the increasing technological changes demands for the change of everything else in the industry. Therefore, digital marketing is part of computerisation. Looking back, in the past 20 years, there was no phones, internet connection or even computers. however, the introduction of mobile phones and computers has just revolutionalised everything there is about marketing and life in general. After some more time, internet facilities got introduced, which bring about the digital revolution. Social media networks, emails and websites are some examples of online marketing.

the term digital marketing is abroad term that refers to advertising and promoting products by using social media, websites as well as emails. Online marketing or internet marketing is the other term used to refer to this kind of marketing.

These products can be marketed using the following strategies: Search engine marketing, search engine optimization as well as marketing through the social media. There are various reason for the growth of digital marketing.

when compared to traditional methods, the digital methods are more cost effective.

The cost effectiveness of digital methods makes it even more popular.

3) Any individual / company track his/ her performance.

4) All process being reliable, generates better revenues.

5) Digital media facilitate the interaction with targeted audience.

It is very hard to point out a particular factor influencing the relationship between an organization and its customers.

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