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It is important to obey the law in every society.When there is law, a country is able to live peacefully without problems.In every nation, laws are created by the legislature for all members to obey. For those people who go against the law, there are different kinds of punishment for them. However, it is important to observe the rule of law in any country so as to maintain peace. Below are some pointers on the significance of law in a country.

People living in a country or community are guarded against evil doers, by the rule of law. The rule of law is majorly concerned in protecting its people from the criminals. In order to achieve this, criminals are presented before the court of law for the charges. Here, cases are presented before court and listened to so as to help the judges pass a sentence to the criminals. Duration of the sentence differs depending on the severity of crime but it can range from few days to several years.

Community courts are also important for settling clashes among their members.Disputes always arise when many people live together as a family or in a community. It therefore becomes necessary to solve these problems locally rather than taking them further. In other situations, the wrong doers are punished by the local courts rather than taking them to higher courts. By doing this, people tend to be obedient to the rule of law and maintain peace.

When there is the rule of law in a country, it promotes the common good of its citizens. When there is a penalty for wrongdoers, people will be discouraged to engage in criminal activities. However, they would not be so much concerned about their deeds if there were no penalties.Therefore, just by the fact that there is law in place, people will tend to be careful in their deeds. The rule of law will make them feel accountable.

The law is useful in dividing community resources among the locals. It creates equality among all people living in a community despite their age, income or status.People living with disability also become beneficiaries of such projects since they may not manage on their own. Thus, fights for property are eliminated since the resources are distributed equally.

Peace is also maintained when there are laws.This is because it discourages wrongdoings or the desire to revenge when a wrong is done to somebody. They will avoid getting punished by law.Law, therefore, encourages people to do the right things all the time. Additionally, moral laws are necessary for society.

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