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What is the PSMF Diet?

Health conscious folks are likely to be familiar with PSMF. If you do not know that yet then this article has the basic things that your should know about protein sparing modified fasting or more simply, PSMF.

The idea of protein sparing modified fasting is so easy to comprehend. The idea is to get the least calories possible while still consuming the right amounts of protein. The purpose is to have lean tissue mass. This is actually a basic form of starvation. This method is believed to give you the metabolic effects that you also get when you are fasting for real. However, compared to actual fasting, this is less risky because one is including protein and other nutrients to his or her diet.

Typically, this PSMF diet only involves no more than 1000 calories on a daily basis. Furthermore, majority of those calories should come from lean protein. In this regard, carbs and fats must be minimized.

A few veggies that are not starchy can be included in one’s protein sparing modified fasting diet Moreover, this diet allows the intake of vitamin and mineral supplements to make up for the deficiency.
This goes to say that the calories you take in should be the ones that come from protein. However, what must be burned are the calories that are from fat. There are a number of patients who experience ketosis when on PSMF. This is based on the fact that the body is likely to burn calories from fat first. In the process, protein builds mass and safeguards your body’s lean tissue from loss due to fasting. Simply put, the body gets rid of fats.

Some people think that protein sparing modified fasting diet and keto are the same. The person on keto consumes more fats than proteins. On the other hand, there is no calorie restriction on Keto, unlike protein sparing modified fasting diet. Third, keto can be done long term basis or can be a permanent lifestyle while protein sparing modified fasting diet is a short term diet plan.

So now the question is whether or not PSMF is effective. According to scientists, it is very effective. It must be noted that before you start this, you must have a good source of quality protein. Take note that high quality protein is important in this diet. This includes protein that comes from fish and lean animal protein.

The last question revolves around the safety of protein sparing modified fasting diet. It is absolutely safe but PSMF is medically supervised. It should also benoted that this type of diet is not intended for people who seem to be lean already. Remember as well, people who are chubby are not candidates for this diet. This diet is intended for very fat or obese people.

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