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The Best Strategy for Sustainable Weight Loss

Calorie counting may be taken to mean the exercise whose intention is to shed body weight by greatly lowering the number of calories taken in daily. Calorie counting should not be taken to mean just restricting the amount of food you eat through the application of strict portion control. Normally, those looking to lose weight stop consuming most foods and aim to exist on the most minimum. It is not a sustainable strategy in the long run. It is advisable to consume logical portions.

The recommended number of calories for both genders are figured applicable to the average body types. For women, it is said to be 2,000 calories, whereas, for men, it is quoted at 2,500 calories. You will need to go for a figure lower than the average recommended. The amount that will work for you will depend on your levels of activity. Those who are very active in the gym or other areas of their lives do not need to lower their amounts. They also have no use for appetite suppressants. For optimal bodily function, your body needs to be fueled, whose source is the food you eat. Extremely restricted eating results in diminished performance in most areas of your life. You will be tempted very easily to drop your new diet trend.

When you are looking to attain your target of losing weight, the practice of calorie counting is ideal, only if you design your diet to guarantee your body gets all the nutrients it needs. Avoid the temptation of adopting quick result strategies, like subtracting half of your daily calorie intake, but being sensible about the exercise through viable means like regular and calculated reductions which incorporate the activities you normally perform. If you intend to add on the number of activities or exercises you perform daily, then the reduction has to be negligible, if at all. A food diary can also be a great instrument for analyzing the details of what you eat.

The question of losing weight is answered by looking at the kinds of food you eat, not merely how much food it is. The portion sizes of various foods possess a differing number of calories. Healthy, natural foods are normally low in caloric content, while processed or junk foods have high calories for their portion sizes. It is therefore important to establish a balance between feeling satisfied and liking your food, and achieving your weight loss objective.

A lot of us closely watch our caloric intake while on the journey to weight loss. We however tend to fall into the trap of initially drastically reducing our intake, leading to unsustainable weight loss. It is not the best way to do it. A better way would be to prepare a healthy, balanced diet that guarantees enough energy, without any excesses, with your daily activities in mind. That will guarantee much better results, and a healthier body.