Housewarming Gifts that Won’t Break the Bank

If you have a friend or family member moving to a new house or a new neighbor moving in next door, a housewarming gift is the perfect way to say “welcome.” Moving to a new home is a momentous occasion, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money on an elaborate gift. It’s really the thought that counts. Here are some simple, affordable gift ideas that everyone will appreciate.

Fresh Flowers

Who doesn’t love a bouquet of fresh flowers? Whether you live in a sprawling house or a small walk-up apartment, fresh flowers always add beautiful color and fragrant scents. You can keep it simple with a bouquet wrapped in paper or deliver the flowers in a beautiful vase that can be used again and again.

Potted Plants

Potted plants last a lot longer than fresh flowers and they can be moved from place to place. Depending on soil and light requirements, potted plants can be used indoors in decorative containers or outdoors on decks and patios. Flowers and plants that grow large can be replanted outdoors to add color and greenery to the yard or garden.


Candles create cozy atmosphere and warmth. You’ll find a variety of sizes and colors in tapered candles, block candles, scented candles, and tea candles. If you appreciate candles made from natural ingredients, look for candles made from soy, beeswax, or plant based products. Make sure to include a book of matches, so the new homeowners can enjoy the candles right away.

Fresh Baked Goods

Nothing says “welcome to your new home” like fresh baked goods. If you like to bake, you can whip up your favorite goodies in your own kitchen. If not, a batch of yummy cookies from atlanta cookie bouquet delivery will certainly hit the sweet spot.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are great housewarming gifts, especially for new neighbors you don’t know. It’s easy to find gift cards that range from $5 to $100 for a variety of items. A gift card for a pizza delivery or a dinner at a local restaurant is perfect for homeowners who are still unpacking.