Getting New and Healthy Teeth

If you have one tooth or multiple teeth missing or you know that there are teeth that will be removed in the future, then consider implants so that you have a natural smile once again. Implants function like natural teeth and give your mouth the full appearance that you are accustomed to before teeth are lost. Before getting implants, it’s sometimes best to understand a bit about the process that you’ll experience.


The first step in the dental implant process is meeting with a dentist who will take X-rays of your mouth and talk with you about how long it will take until everything is completed. A mold of your teeth and mouth might be taken as well. If there is any kind of infection present, then the dentist might give you a prescription for an antibiotic so that your mouth is healthy before the implant procedure. Keep in mind that it does take several weeks to several months for the implant process to be completed depending on how quickly your mouth heals.


An extraction might be necessary before any dental implants Downers Grove IL dentists can place. As long as the tooth in question has enough surface area for the dentist to pull it like a normal extraction, then you usually won’t need to be sedated. However, if you are anxious about the extraction, then sedation can be used. This is beneficial if there are multiple teeth that need to be removed before implants.

Placing The Implants

Your dentist might wait a few days or a few weeks after an extraction before placing the implants to allow your jawbone and mouth to heal. Once the extraction site is healed, your dentist will make a hole in the jawbone where the implant is placed. At times, a small area of the tissue might need to be cut so that your dentist can get to the bone. The implant will act as the root of the new tooth. During the healing process, you should eat soft foods so that the area isn’t irritated.

The bone will begin to fuse to the implant. This is the part of the implant process that takes the longest amount of time and will depend on how quickly your mouth heals as some people can go back to finish the process in a few weeks while others have to wait a few months. When the dentist is comfortable with the health of your jawbone and how well the implant has healed, an abutment is placed on top of the implant. A temporary cap is often placed on top of the abutment until the final crown is ready.

The crown is attached to the abutment. Your dentists will try to make the crown look as natural as possible so that it looks like the other teeth in your mouth. You can brush that crown and eat like normal after the entire process is complete. You usually have some kind of anesthesia at all points during the process so that you don’t experience any pain.