Effect of Meditation on Body Health

You may have one or several moments where your mind seems to run at a blazing speed. Jumbles of thoughts race through. Some stop and repeat themselves over an over. When this happens, you can feel anxious, scared, depressed … or all three. Furthermore, this constant running can cause you to become unfocused, exhausted, and desperate for a way to stop it.

Meditation as a Possible Solution

The practice of meditation as a possible solution may help ease some of the discomfort of what many people call “monkey chatter.” Meditation has been around and used for thousands of years by many cultures. Today, even with the most advanced neuroscience training, some medical professionals recommend meditation as a part of healing from anxiety or depression.

Benefits of Meditation

There are many benefits of meditation, and much of it starts with breathing. Slowly inhaling and exhaling from your abdomen lowers your blood pressure and heart rate. In addition, when you focus on your breathing and how it sounds & feels, it can draw attention away from your many buzzing thoughts.

This results in a quieting of the mind and the release of natural calming chemicals like Serotonin. In turn, meditation assists in clearer thinking and a different perspective.

Meditations Effects on Behavior

The act of meditation has both direct and indirect effects on behavior. Directly, the use of proper breathing and focus permit the user to pull away from anxious or sad thoughts. It eases the pressure to control the future or the past.

Indirectly, because of its calming properties, meditation allows the mind to build new pathways that shift behaviors toward more positive outlooks. This does not happen overnight. It’s through regular practice of meditation that this change can be made.

Information on Meditation

There are many places on the internet which provide additional information on meditation. Sites like Behavioral Health 2000 offer video or audio lectures on how meditation affects the brain. Learn everything you can about this practice before you begin.