Business And The Financial Services Area

The business world is definitely fast paced and always changing with new ways and ideas of doing things. To keep up with it, there are many top minded men and women in the different fields to make the business world the success it is. One particular person is Kirk Chewning. He has held different positions with numerous companies and has been a success at them all. Below is a little bit more information on his past as well as his current job situation and life on the island of St. Croix.

A List Of His Previous Employment

Kirk earned a bachelor’s degree in finance from Michigan State University. He then went on to hold prestigious positions in a number of companies before starting his own consulting firm. For example, he was Vice President to a global bank and managed commercial loan portfolios. He also was the Vice President of business development for a web application development firm as well as a consultant for a marketing and technology firm. Two other companies he served as Vice President to are TranDotCom Solutions and Strategic Link Consulting. At Strategic Link Consulting, he served as owner and partner as well as the CFO.

His Current Company And Life On The Island

In 2009, Kirk and his business partner launched Cane Bay Partners VI, LLLP. There, they specialize in financial controls, deployment, financial modeling, software development, technology architecture, and commercial lending. Kirk serves as the CEO and performs the tasks and duties of that title on a daily basis. He also lends his expertise from time to time regarding risk management. Outside of work, Kirk enjoys bowling and belongs to a league called the Tropical Ten Pin. He and his business partner also sponsor an educational program for the kids of the island. Kirk also teaches life skills and corporate strategies all over the United States.

The financial services field is greatly needed by the many companies because they need the expertise when it comes to the different areas of a company’s finances. Fortunately, there are many business professionals like Kirk that can provide the needed expertise and knowledge to get the job done properly.