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Knowing More About Piqua Shawnee Tribe

Although these days the clan people mostly live in Oklahoma and Ohio, initially they were from West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Kentucky. This particular ethnic group like distancing itself from war and therefore, whenever there were attacked, they moved from that place and settled in a new location. As a result of the nomadic lifestyle, they were not able to establish permanent houses. Their shelters were known as Wigwams and they were majorly setup using tree products and also grass from the thickets. The grass helped with the provision of family privacy on top of the fact that it shielded them from the harsh outside weather conditions.

In comparison to the other Indians that were there in the United States of America, these natives did not possess a distinguished manner of dressing. As a way of living, they practiced farming, fishing and hunting. The search for food in the forests was carried out by the men while the women in the clan were left behind to carry out farming and also look after their homes. Although they planted other types of crops, they mainly dealt with corn.

These people only got to cut their hair when they were heading for a fight and that is also the only time that they got to wipe their face paint. Among the many ethnic groups that did not like being associated with war apart from when their families have been attacked, the Piqua Shawnee ranks at the top as they loved to coexist peacefully and vacated once this was compromised. They discouraged intermarriages with other tribes, even other local Indians as they wanted to keep their practices intact.

To make sure that every child got to know of their history, culture and customs, stories were told to the young ones by the elderly people. They were made to believe that they were the most desirable tribe and this installed the desire for the subsequent generations to hold on to their tribe. In case it occurred that a matter was taken to the leader of a given division and the leader was not able to draw a conclusion, the matter had to go through all the hierarchy levels until it ended up in the hands of the entire clan leader.

Of essence is that individuals should take their time to learn more about the Piqua Shawnee people. It is undeniable that these people have immensely contributed in the world of history and hence the need for people to know more about them. On several occasions annually, these people plan get-together so that they can know how everyone is doing. They also have their festivities which help in uniting them and also maintaining their ties.

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